Seminar on October 26, 2019

Speaker 1: Ms. Fizza Majeed

Title: Identification of Genetic Variation(s) in NQO1: An Association with Lung and Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Speakr 2: Ms. Hiba Saleem

Title: Superparamagnetic Functionalized Nanocomposite: Development of
a Hybrid System for Efficient Operational Stability of Glucansucrase.

Guest: Dr. Asma Naeem

Seminar on October 19, 2019

Speaker 1: Saira Sultana

Title: Polymorphism(s) of Immune Regulatory Gene and Association with Inhibitor Production in Hemophilia A

Speaker 2: Umaiya Abdali

Title: DNA Repair Gene Polymorphism: Association with Relapse of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Guest: Dr. Sadaf Naeem

Seminar on October 12, 2019

Speaker 1: Huma Rao

Title: “Polystyrene Microplastics Cause Tissue Damages, Sex-specific
Reproductive Disruption and Transgenerational Effects
in Marine Medaka (Oryzias melastigma)”

Speaker 2: Hira Yaqoob

Title: “Explicating the Role of CITED2 Gene in Congenital Heart

Guest: Dr. Saboohi Raza

Seminar on October 05, 2019

Speaker 1: Khadija Shoaib

Title: “Screening and Identification of Genetic Variation(s) in Sucrose
Synthase gene (SuSy): An Association with Sucrose Content in
Different Sugarcane Varieties”

Speaker 2: Syeda Fizza Alvi

Title: “Production of Tetravalent Dengue Virus Envelope Protein Domain III
Based Antigens in Lettuce Chloroplasts and Immunologic
Analysis for Future Oral Vaccine Development”

Guest: Dr. Shakeel Farooqi

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