Plant Tissue Culture Facility

Well-equipped labs with basic instruments such as Laminar flow cabinets, Culture rooms, Growth rooms with automated temperature and light controllers, Media preparation room, Sterilization and Washing area and Green houses with well-organized irrigation system.

 Plant Genomic Facility

PCR, Gradient PCR, Gel documentation system, Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis Units, Nano photometer.

Gene Cloning and Transformation Facility

Agro-mediated Transformation, Gene Gun, Electroporator, Sonicator, Southern Blotting,   Hybridization Unit. Orbital Shakers, Biosafety Cabinets

Plant Proteomics / Stress Physiology Facility

SDS-PAGE, Western blotting, Antioxidant enzyme activities/ isoforms profiling, Spectrophotometer, Gel dryer, Biochemical and physiological screenings of stress tolerance of crops.

Immunological and Molecular Diagnostics Facility

ELISA and PCR are used as diagnostic tools.

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